2002GarageWerks is an automotive facility specializing in the restoration, modification and maintenance of BMW 2002’s and CS’s. Founded by owner Le Tran in his garage during late nights of wrenching on 2002s, the operation started as a labor of love before it also became a business in 2012. In a change from the shop’s humble beginnings in 2005, it has since moved to a much larger, dedicated facility in Ontario, California.

At 2002GarageWerks, we take pride in producing stunning classic BMWs tailored to individual clients’ needs, helping to keep them on the road and being a place where BMW and car enthusiasts alike can socialize. In that vein, every client that has a car in the shop has an open invitation to visit and experience working on their own car – we not only want to restore, modify and maintain 2002s, but also share our knowledge with other enthusiasts.

2002GarageWerks is a low-volume BMW shop, so every client and car receives the attention they deserve. Because of this, business-client relationships usually don’t start with an oil change. Instead we prefer to take on 2002s owned by enthusiasts who have a desire to build a project car, modify it and/or maintain it to the highest standards. Everything from a total suspension overhaul to an engine rebuild or S14 swap to performance and safety modifications to paint – 2002GarageWerks can handle it all. We can build you anything from an original bone-stock 2002 to a track warrior – whatever suits your needs. And once a client, always a client – even for oil changes.

If you’re a BMW 2002 owner, or have a BMW CS model, you owe it to yourself to give 2002GarageWerks a call and plan your next classic BMW project.

We take pride in producing stunning classic BMWs tailored to individual clients’ needs...